Historical fruit and vegetables store in the heart of Rome from 1890. Er Cimotto is a greengrocery taken over by a ten generations roman family who wants to keep quality and tradition in the quarter of Trastevere.
In the store, you can find national veggies and exotic fruits as star fruit, red pitaya, mangostano and other kind of fruits from all the world. With our products we supply restaurants, hotels, cocktail bars and other gastronomy activities of Trastevere and Rome.
Er Cimotto is a biological food store too. In our greengrocery you can find selected products like pasta, rice, flour, cheese, etc. and fresh bread of Lariano and Amelia every day.
Er Cimotto” in roman slang means “first choise”, a quality reference point in Trastevere of fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetables supply

We supply restaurants, hotel and cocktail bars with our fruit and vegetables. Our first choice products for every gastronomy activities of Rome.

Cleaning vegetables and salads preparation

Er Cimotto supplies vegetables cleaning service. Thanks to this service you can bu our vegetables ready for use. We serves our first-rate fresh fruit and vegetables preparating tasty salads ready for eat.

Fruit shakes and squeezed fruit juices

We prepare fruit shakes, squeezed fruit juices and vegetables and fruit shakes with our fresh products.

Biological products

Our biological products, a choice which respects nature and health. Packaged healthy and organic food, biological herbal medicine, hygiene and cosmetics

Food Lab: fruit and vegetables take away

We are glad to introduce Cimotto Lab, gastronomic laboratory for take away. You can also find first choice products ready to eat, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food.

Fruit and vegetables: shop online

In our shop online there are biologic food, fresh fruit and vegetables and exotic fruit. You can order your products online for the home delivery.


Our shop in Trastevere has a lot of biological products packaged healthy. Breakfast food, biological rice and pasta, gluten free food and beverages. You can find a lot of fresh bio products too: milk, yogurt, ham, fruit and vegetables. Natural leavening bread, spelled flour bread, kamut bread and food for food intollerance.

Prodotti biologici Roma
cimotto food truck Roma

FOOD TRUCK… Er Cimotto On the road!

Here comes the “Cimotto Trucks” for carries exotic fruit, fruit shakes and squeezed fruit juices, fresh salad and  tasty snack with fruit… on the road! Our password is quality, with health, wellness and vitamins.

Cimotto Trucks will offer alcoholic and analcoholic cocktails with fruit, fresh salad, gourmet sandwiches and cheese and typical dishes tasting.